Self Publishing in Retirement

While I was attending the London Book Fair I got chatting with internet advertising guru Mark Dawson, and he asked if I would do a quick interview to tell my story of how I discovered FB Advertising. I said of course (who wouldn’t). It turned into half an hour with James Blatch and you can see the results here with Me being interviewed by James Blatch

SPF-122: The Self Publishing Retirement Windfall with David Penny

If you don’t want to wait, the interview starts around 8 minutes in.


  1. Graham Ellis

    David do oyu have an advanced reader group as I love the stories you write about Thomas.

  2. David Penny (Post author)

    🙂 I’m afraid I don’t, Graham. By the time I’ve gone through editing and proof-reading the book is more or less ready for release. Glad you like the books, though.


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