Here I post video and podcast interviews with writers.

I love reading, and I love talking to writers about their books. My intention is to post an interview at least once a month, and if possible more frequently. If you sign up to my mailing list you’ll be emailed when a new interview is about to appear, and again when it goes live.

I interview both Trad and Indie published authors and make no distinction between them, other than they have to have written a great book, and it has to interest me. And what do I like to read? Thrillers, Crime Mysteries, Historical Fiction, some Science Fiction. If you’re a writer and you fit into these categories and would like to be interviewed get in touch using the Contact Me page and if I like your books I will set up a time to fit you in.

Interview with Mason Cross

Interview with Mason Cross

Today I interview Mason Cross, author of last year’s breakthrough thriller The Killing Season featuring a new kick-ass hero Carter Blake. His new novel The Samaritan was released last week and we talk about this, his writing, and what lies in store for the future ...
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