David Penny is the author of the Thomas Berrington series of historical novels set in the last remnants of Moorish Spain.Published at an early age, David is the author of four science-fiction novels which appeared between 1975-79 published by Robert Hale. He has now returned to writing after a break of over 30 years and chosen to pursue an independent publishing route. To hear about new releases and special offers join the mailing list. 


The Fortunate Dead, Book 6 in the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries will be coming at the end of November 2018.The Fortunate Dead, Book 6 of the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries will be published toward the end of November 2018. Here’s a peek of the cover, and here’s a sneak peek of the first three unedited chapters.

Released January 29 2018

Thomas, Jorge and Lubna return in their fifth adventure.

What price a man’s soul?

Summoned to attend the Spanish Queen, English surgeon Thomas Berrington discovers Sevilla in turmoil. Plague ravages the city, and the Inquisition takes both innocent and guilty alike.

Amongst this chaos Thomas must investigate a series of killings where two victims are taken together, but for what reason?

Seeking his help is an old enemy, but can a man change so much? Thomas has to decide whether to trust or not, and if he makes the wrong decision his own life may be forfeit.

When the eunuch Jorge joins him, events take on a new urgency as the killer’s attention turns toward Thomas and his friends.

Only by risking the life of a woman he loves can Thomas succeed, but is he willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if his plan fails?

The Inquisitor is the fifth instalment of the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries set in the final years of Moorish Spain.

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